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Kiki's Adventures

My New Home

Meet Kiki, a friendly and curious cat on a delightful adventure in the heart of San Francisco! Join Kiki as he explores his cozy house, makes new friends in the backyard—chirpy birds, busy bees, and tiny ants—and embarks on a journey through the city’s lively parks.
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The Shadow Sword

In the mystical land of Zigreon, where magik is as real as the wind and earth, a stranger with no memories of his past awakens. This enigmatic land, vibrant with arcane forces, becomes his refuge and mystery. As he journeys to uncover his identity, he discovers an innate bond with the magik around him, revealing his role in a world far beyond ordinary understanding. His quest is shadowed by the dark ambitions of Barzun, a formidable sorcerer who seeks the Shadow Sword, one of the three ancient weapons with the power to decide the fate of the world. These weapons, once used to vanquish the evil deity Ukenil, now stand as the last hope against the resurgence of darkness.
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The Shadow Sword

About the Author

In the bustling years of college, where the pages of novels became pathways to other worlds, Benjamin P Lecuona discovered the profound comfort of storytelling. Fueled by a passion for whisking readers away to new realms, he embarked on a journey to become a writer.
Balancing a full-time job, Benjamin weaves narratives during precious moments of free time, considering writing both a therapeutic escape and a creative odyssey. Drawn to novels and fiction, his literary palate is seasoned with the works of Gabriel Garcia Marques, Armistead Maupin, Virginia Woolf, and Suzanne Collins.

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